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How it works

Our e-commerce plugins are compatible with leading online platforms, including WordPress, Shopify, PrestaShop, and Magento. Additionally, our API solution allows for seamless integration and configuration, enabling your customers to pay with their preferred cryptocurrency on the blockchain of your choice. With the ability to pay as easily as with a credit card, our payment solutions offer a streamlined payment process for your business.

Main advantages

Send invoices, collect payment, convert payouts to fiat currency, or keep the cryptocurrency.


Safe Transactions

Keep your funds secure with state-of-the-art encryption and blockchain technology, protecting against fraud and cyber attacks.


Instant Payments

Send and receive payments quickly, without waiting for traditional banking systems to process transactions.


Lower Fees

Enjoy lower transaction fees compared to traditional payment methods, reducing costs for both users and merchants.

Withdraw anytime

Smart contracts store and protect funds, with merchants able to withdraw at any time for added flexibility and security.


Multiple Currencies

Pay with a variety of cryptocurrencies, giving users and merchants more flexibility in their payment options.


Seamless Setup

Integrate WebitPay’s payment solutions into your website or online store quickly and easily, with minimal technical knowledge required.

Why crypto payments

In today’s fast-paced world, payments need to be secure and flexible. WebitPay offers a simple and efficient solution that enables users to pay with cryptocurrency, driving adoption and revolutionizing online payments. For merchants, our payment solutions offer faster income streams and lower transaction fees. Join us and experience the future of payments with WebitPay.

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Great! Compared to everything else I’ve ever used, this is the best technology.
Nick Green

It is very easy to use and to manage

Dora Adams
HR manager

Amazing product! This for sure will help an easier crypto adoption

Paul Rojers
Project manager

So easy to integrate and just start invoicing for crypto payments on Woocommerce

Nick Green

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